Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gift Ideas for Women 26

Hair Spa
Make her hair irresistible to touch and she'll love you to touch it

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gift Ideas for Women 25

Foot Spa
It makes a woman more important
that you care even with her foot care

Gift Ideas for Women 24

Body Massage
Give her a body massage. Make her feel relax.

Gift Ideas for Women 23

She can't say NO to a proposal
with a RING from a man she loves

Gift Ideas for Women 22

Give her a house and she'll help you build a family

Gift Ideas for Women 21

Cell Phone
Make her feel that you always want to talk to her...

Gift Ideas for Women 20

Cooking Utensils
Make her fell that you appreciate what she does in the kitchen.
You'll see..
She'll love you more
and she'll make more wonders in the kitchen for you...

Shopping Spree!

Going on a shopping spree with my girl friends....
We went for the day....

We bought some clothes... went to get some lunch....
In the afternoon we went back and did some more shopping.

Then we decided to stop at Dairy Queens to have some
ice cream and then we went and did more shopping.


lisa parks